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Questions about inheritance law in Mägenwil, Lupfig or Schinznach

It is not only legal issues that are at the forefront for those affected when the question of an inheritance arises. As a rule, a person leaves us with whom we are related by blood and with whom we have built up a personal relationship.

The challenge of settling inheritance-related aspects coincides with a phase of mourning and sometimes also of reorientation. A death can also occur suddenly, and it is not always possible to say goodbye to the relatives or to draw up a will.

At the same time, it is up to the surviving dependents to organize a funeral and, if possible, to arrange it in the way that would have corresponded to the wishes of the deceased. And all this usually has to be realized within a few days. How am I supposed to deal with questions of inheritance law during this time?

If you are looking for support and answers regarding inheritance law in Mägenwil, Lupfig or Schinznach, you can turn to our specialized lawyers and our law firm. We will be happy to help you solve any problems.

Inheritance tax in Switzerland

In Switzerland, the responsibility for inheritance tax lies with the cantons. In some cases, the municipalities are granted supplementary responsibility, and in some cantons the municipalities participate in the proceeds of the inheritance tax. Political initiatives to introduce federal responsibility for levying inheritance tax have not yet been successful.

The total revenue from inheritance and gift tax in Switzerland amounted to CHF 1,177 million in 2014. Gifts that have come to an heir up to five years before the death of the testator are offset in the same way as an inheritance. The only exception to this rule is the canton of Lucerne. In most cantons, the spouse is exempt from inheritance and gift tax. Descendants are also exempt from inheritance tax in some cantons.

The tax rates vary considerably from canton to canton. For example, parents in the canton of Neuchâtel pay only 3% tax, while in the canton of Berne inheritance tax for parents can be as high as 15%. Siblings pay a maximum of 4% inheritance tax in Graubünden, but up to 23% in Aargau.

Assistance with inheritance planning

Dealing with inheritance law often begins before the death. Looking ahead to the time after one's own demise may be an unpleasant topic for many people. After all, it has to do with one's own demise.

However, anyone who wants to create clarity in this respect also deals with the drafting of a testamentary disposition: the will. How do I draft my last will and testament in a legally secure manner so that it actually fulfills all the provisions I intend? What are the requirements for the will? Which mandatory shares must be taken into account?

For each person, the last will and testament only comes into effect once, and many people are accordingly dealing with the topic for the first time. Advice and help is available from our law firm for Mägenwil, Lupfig and Schinznach.

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