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Are you interested in legal assistance in Wettingen? We will be happy to provide you with one of our experienced attorneys. Our law firm for Wettingen focuses on these main areas:

We help you to enforce your interests and claims and accompany you in the realization of your projects. Our offer is aimed at public administration and private individuals.

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Answers in family law

Marriage is also a legal transaction from which rights and obligations arise. The family is not only a special responsibility, it also has legal relevance.

We are at your disposal as a contact for all questions and conflicts of family law. Together with you we will find amicable and extra-legal solutions in connection with the family, marriage and your offspring.

If an amicable solution to the problems is not possible, we will assist you in legal or official proceedings. The focus here is on your personal needs and ideas.

Separation, divorce and the family law

Many questions of family law arise especially in connection with a separation or a divorce. Which separation agreements are made? How do matrimonial proceedings proceed? How is parental care and custody to be regulated? What measures are to be taken to protect the best interests of the child? Prenuptial agreements, wills, contracts of inheritance and division of estates are also part of the disciplines of family law.

Take advantage of our experts' many years of experience in family law to overcome these challenges, clarify issues and assert your interests.

Child law in Wettingen

Children also have rights. The legal relationship between parents and children begins with the birth of a child. It ends with the death of one of the parties. Relationships between parents and children are usually very emotional, intense, multifaceted and, of course, long-term.

The child's dependence on parents gradually turns into independence and is therefore subject to constant change. How is parental care to be understood legally? How is child support financed? How is paternity proven, presumed or contested? Further topics of child law are:

  • Childcare maintenance
  • Voljährigeunterhalt
  • Adoptions
  • Assistance sheep

Child law

Divorce law for Wettingen

"Till death do us part," is the Church's marriage vow. However, the life practice of people today looks somewhat different: Around 40% of all marriages in Switzerland are divorced again.

Spouses often do not think about the jointly growing assets during their life in the family. In the event of a divorce, however, these assets must be separated again. The changed living situation in the course of the divorce can already lead to a life crisis, and then there are the economic issues.

In addition to possible medical care, legal support can also be useful. The maintenance of the children has to be clarified and calculated, the mutual assets (or even debts) have to be disentangled. Legal representation can also be provided jointly for both parties concerned. In this way, amicable solutions can be developed that usually exceed the legal minimum standard. In most cases, it is possible to resolve the issues arising in the context of a divorce out of court.

We can also assist you in drafting a prenuptial agreement, enforcing court judgments and in property disputes, as well as in regulating parental custody and guardianship.
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