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Public law in Baden

One of our main areas of practice is public law in Baden. This concerns general administrative law with the subject areas of
As lecturers and speakers, our experts also participate in the development of legal forms. We also provide legal representation in proceedings of a leading nature.

The public building law

Public construction projects not infrequently lead to significant conflicts of interest. Public building law mediates between interests in environmental and nature conservation concerns, traffic planning, and must also keep an eye on functionality, price, and meeting deadlines. A veritable mesh of different interests and objectives.

Our firm develops with you the right strategy to plan and implement construction projects. Targeted, on schedule and within the planned cost calculations. Many questions arise in the context of public building law: How does building outside the building zone proceed? How are the building and user regulations to be interpreted? How long does the building permit procedure take? What are the consequences of an objection procedure? Which border distance, which building distance must be observed? We will clarify all your questions concerning public building law, from site development to permissible building length and total height and facade height.

Together with you we will find the individual and sustainable solutions. By concentrating on our areas of expertise and supplementing a possible cooperation with experts, we are at your disposal as a competent partner in Baden.
Building law

The public procurement law

The public sector is also a participant in the market. However, when procuring services, the public administration is bound by public procurement law (also known as submission law). The decision on the selection of a supplier is regulated by law in the submission procedure. Legal norms from federal law, international law, intercantonal law and cantonal law also play an important role here.

We are happy to advise you on legal issues relating to public procurement in accordance with the WTO Agreement on BoeB (the Federal Law on Public Procurement), as well as the IVöB (the Intercantonal Agreement on Procurement) and cantonal regulations and submission ordinances. We help you to set up public tenders and take over your representation in the context of appeal procedures.

The public personnel law

The state also has its personnel. What are the rights and duties of state employees? Public personnel law provides the answer to this question.

The legal relationship between the state as employer and its employees differs significantly in some respects from the employment relationship under private law. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have about the personnel contract relationship under public law.

Whether termination, wage claim or mobbing, our experienced attorneys are at your side in conflicts in the context of public personnel law in Baden.

The public procedural law

Public procedural law is considered a particularly complex matter. Here, the cantonal and federal procedural provisions come into play. Judicial law, constitutional law and international law also have an influence on public procedural law. We advise you on individual legal protection and the correct application of the law.

The public charge law

The state levies not only taxes, but also public charges for specific services and activities. These are collected in the form of fees and contributions. Are these levies always justified? Is the amount appropriate?

These are questions of public duty law. Our competent attorneys for public law will be happy to assist you in finding solutions to this complex of issues.

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