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Family law is a broad field. Family law can regulate the legal relationship between parents and children, but it also concerns marriage and divorce, as well as the resulting financial issues and solutions.

Of course, emotions and interpersonal ties also play a not inconsiderable role in the context of family law. For example, in the case of a divorce: Here, two people face each other who have lived together in close bonds until now. In many cases, children are also affected by the changes in family life, even though they did not contribute to the decision to separate.

In addition to legal expertise, our attorneys for Windisch and Brugg also have the empathy needed to work with clients to find solution-oriented ways to resolve family law issues.

Answers to the child law

The relationship between parents and children is also a legal relationship. This begins with the birth of the child and ends with the death of one of the parties. At the same time, it is also an emotional relationship and, in the event of conflict, the two are initially not easy to separate for parents and children.

The legal situation between parents and children is also characterized by the special dependency of the child and the associated special need for protection. In the course of the relationship and as the young person grows up, the relationship of dependence ends. The increasing independence of the growing person must also be taken into account with regard to legal issues.

Child law issues include:

Answers to the divorce law

Divorce can be a time full of change and conflict. After all, the lives of the formerly married people change significantly, as do their children. This leads to questions on two sides:

  • Legal issues
  • Emotional conflicts

Our lawyers for divorce law for Windisch and Brugg are at your disposal for the main focus of the legal processing of the divorce. However, they also have the necessary empathy to deal with you appropriately in the context of the emotional side of the divorce. From the point of view of those affected, the two can often hardly be separated.

Around 40% of all divorces in Switzerland are divorced. Despite the noble resolution "till death do us part". Divorce can mean settling child support, formulating separation agreements, resolving property disputes and resolving parental custody and care.

You can also contact us in the context of joint legal representation. In many cases, solutions can thus be reached that take into account the needs of all parties. Arrangements for divorce can usually be resolved out of court. This results in viable solutions. If this does not succeed, a divorce can also lead to a court hearing. We are also at your disposal for this if necessary.

Our attorneys for divorce matters in Brugg or Windisch have many years of expertise in this field.
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