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Do you need legal advice on family law or public law in Fislisbach, Niederrohrdorf or Mellingen?

Our experts in civil law and public law will be happy to assist you. What are the main areas of our work?

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What is the advantage of focusing on specific areas of law? Our attorneys have experience in in-depth areas of law. In this way, we create added value for legal advice and the enforcement of your claims in Mellingen, Fislisbach and Niederrohrdorf.

This strengthens the expertise in the focus areas in demand. If necessary, external specialists can also be added. This ensures the satisfaction of our customers. And subsequently also to our satisfaction.

Labor law advice

Conflicts between the employer and the employee can always arise. We are happy to mediate between the two parties or to represent both the employee and the employer. Ideally, we will find a viable solution together.

If this is not possible, we help our client to enforce his interests in court. In doing so, we keep in mind that the parties to the conflict have often been associated with each other for many years. If possible, such a relationship of trust should not be permanently shaken by the employment law dispute.

We clarify the legal issues concerning the legality of terminating an employment relationship, keeping personnel files, vacation time, sick leave and personnel leasing. Legal assistance is also required in the course of mass dismissals and in the event of accusations of undeclared work. We will be happy to assist you with any questions regarding employment law.

Family law for Mellingen, Fislisbach and Niederrohrdorf

Family law encompasses quite different disciplines. This may involve the estate of deceased persons, but also the care of children after a divorce.

Would you like to ensure legal clarity with a prenuptial agreement as soon as you get married? We would be happy to help you formulate this contract in a legally secure manner. Clarifying paternity can also be one of the tasks of our family law experts. You would like to have yourself acknowledged as the father? You would like to challenge paternity. We will help you to establish the appropriate clarity.

How is a will drawn up in a legally secure manner? What is a contract of inheritance? How can the inheritance be divided? Family law can be so diverse and many people who start a family are initially unaware of the legal consequences associated with this step.

Child law is also an arm of family law. Here, the legal relationship between parents and children is clarified. This is often closely linked to the emotional relationship. With a great deal of sensitivity and tact, our attorneys for Mellingen, Fislisbach and Niederrohrdorf will help you find solutions that, as far as possible, all parties concerned can live with.
Family law

Issues of public law

Public administration is also bound by applicable law. This is where our experts in public law come in. This is the case, for example, with public building law. It is not uncommon for conflicts to arise between the public administration and private parties.

How can a construction measure be realized in a legally secure manner? How can conflicts be avoided in advance, if possible? Municipal law is also one of the disciplines of public law. Localities such as Mellingen, Fislisbach and Niederrohrdorf are located in the legal area of Swiss constitutional law and are subject to the three-part state structure consisting of the federal government, cantons and municipalities. Superordinate regulations are to be included in the daily administrative work.

Where does competence begin in the regulation of local affairs? Where does federal law apply? Public procurement law is also a special focus of public law. Here, the community procures services on the market. This is done in a legally regulated tendering procedure. The associated legal requirements are wide-ranging.

We help the public administration to maintain an overview and to implement legally compliant award procedures.

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