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The many years of experience of the partners of our law firm and the focus on specific legal topics constitute the added value of our work. In addition to the expertise of our attorneys, we also consult external specialists when necessary. In this way, we achieve added value for your concerns in the Canton of Aargau and find individual solutions for your legal questions in public law or civil law.

Tasks in municipal law in the canton of Aargau

Municipalities are public-law corporations operating on the territorial basis of Swiss constitutional law. The legal basis of municipal law is defined by the three-tier state structure. This consists of

Higher-level regulations form a dense network of laws and ordinances that must be taken into account in day-to-day administrative work. Above all, areas of law such as social welfare law or tax law are significantly affected by this.

However, the municipalities in the canton of Aargau also have their own competences. For example, in building law and police law. The area of public infrastructure is also largely the responsibility of the communal administration. Cantonal law determines the extent of autonomy in the performance of tasks by the municipalities. Our attorneys for municipal law in the Canton of Aargau will be happy to advise you on questions of public law and the associated daily practice.

How is the municipal assembly to be set up in a legally secure manner? How is the municipal parliament formed? What are the framework conditions of community democracy? How far does the autonomy of a municipality go? How can a merger between two or more municipalities be accomplished? These are questions that our specialized lawyers for communal law in the Canton of Aargau will be happy to answer with you individually.

Topics of the municipal law

Many legal issues have to be resolved in connection with municipal law. This already starts with the implementation of the sewerage system and water supply and with the challenge of the disposal of municipal waste.

Local planning and the management of municipal assets also fall within the scope of municipal law. Even the parking regulations are regulated accordingly by law.

Which community members are entitled to social assistance? In what amount? We are also happy to advise you on contentious issues. How is a sensible monument protection to be regulated? What consequences does this have on local planning? What do building owners have to consider in connection with monument protection? What does it mean for public building projects?

Contact our specialized lawyers with your questions. We will work with you to find the solutions you need, incorporating all legal regulations and laws.

The public building law as a partial aspect of the municipal law

Many different interests come together in public construction projects. The path to the realization of major construction projects sometimes seems very long at first glance. Here, not only spatial planning and the deployment of the construction police play an important role, but also environmental issues, traffic planning and nature conservation concerns have to be taken into account in public construction projects.

At the same time, the desired functionality must be implemented and the deadlines and estimated price must be met. A multitude of factors that have to be taken into account to make the building project a success. A web of different interests that must be taken into account until a new project can actually be realized.

Legal aspects in public building law are, for example, compliance with the building and use regulations, the building permit procedure and the building approval, objection and appeal procedures. Boundary distances to roads and other buildings must be observed and the number of stories must be defined.

Our attorneys for public building law in the canton of Aargau will be happy to help you with any questions or challenges you may have.

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