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Our specialized lawyers for Wettingen are active in various fields of law. In principle, our work can be divided into two areas of law:

Public law

The scope of public law includes the following topics: Constitutional law and administrative law, building law, planning law and environmental law.

Civil law

Civil law focuses on: matrimonial law and child law, private construction law, contract law for small and medium enterprises.

Our law firm for Wettingen

Are you looking for legal advice in Wettingen? We will be happy to provide you with a specialized lawyer for the relevant subject area.

Our law firm relies on the long-standing experience of its partners and the resulting established cooperation. The in-depth knowledge of the specialized fields of law creates added value for our clients in the search for individual and sustainable solutions.

Complementing the expertise of our lawyers, external specialists can also be called in to develop optimal solutions to your legal issues.

Tasks of the municipal law for Wettingen

Municipal law is one of the tasks of public law. Municipalities are part of the tripartite state structure consisting of the federal government, cantons and municipalities. In the daily administrative work, it is therefore important to always keep superordinate laws in mind. In some cases, it is also the task of the municipality to enforce higher-level regulations, such as tax law or social welfare law.

Local matters, such as police law or building law, are implemented in our own competence. Our attorneys for municipal law in Wettingen rely on many years of experience with the needs of municipalities and a profound knowledge of public law. We represent municipalities comprehensively and are available for consultation on all important questions concerning municipal law.

How are community meetings organized in a legally secure manner? How is communal democracy structured? What are the legal limits of local planning? What are the objectives of municipal supervision? What legal requirements apply to the employment of municipal staff? How is social welfare to be financed? What has to be considered in connection with the protection of historical monuments? Answers to these questions are provided by our specialized attorneys for municipal law in Wettingen.

Public building law in Wettingen

We are also happy to answer any questions you may have about public building law in Wettingen. A multitude of different interests come together in public building law. This begins with spatial planning and leads to the deployment of the building police and the clarification of environmental issues, as well as traffic and nature conservation concerns.

It is important to keep an eye on the costs of the construction project; taxpayers' money must not be unduly burdened. Every project must be realistically scheduled and deadlines must be monitored. The building and use regulations define the framework of public building law.

Our specialized lawyers for public building law in Wettingen will be happy to advise you on all building projects.
Building law

Public procurement law in Wettingen

The community can also become a participant in the private market. Whenever the municipality procures services on the market, public procurement law comes into play. This regulates the tendering procedure. Legal norms from international law, federal law and intercantonal law also intervene in the implementation of a public procurement.

Our specialized attorneys for public procurement law advise your public law institution on the implementation of submissions. On the other hand, representation of companies wishing to participate in public tenders is also possible.

Whether it is a matter of appeal proceedings, challenging award decisions or procedural errors, our experienced attorneys will help you to make the web of individual regulations transparent and to find the adequate legal assessment of the factual situation.

Public personnel law in Wettingen

The municipality also acts as an employer. In this context, public personnel law regulates the rights and duties of the state's employees.

The legal relationship between the public employer and its employees is an administrative legal relationship. This differs significantly in some respects from the private employment relationship.

Our attorneys are happy to provide information about the special challenges of public personnel law for Wettingen.

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