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Our experienced attorneys for Aarau offer you assistance in legal matters concerning civil law and public law. Whether you want to realize a construction project, whether you need legal support in public administration in Aarau or whether you want to enforce your interests out of court, our law firm relies on many years of experience of the partners and an established cooperation.

By focusing on specific areas of law, our clients receive added value in terms of expertise. In addition, we also work together with external specialists.

The diversity of family law

Family law is a field of work with many different challenges.

are to be mentioned as some of the focal points of family law. In the context of family law, legal issues and emotional aspects are often closely intertwined for those affected. Our attorneys help to separate these aspects and empathically understand the individual situation of the clients.

In many cases, the first step is to find amicable solutions. Not every question of family law has to be answered in court. However, if this becomes necessary, this step should not be taboo either. We represent you in Aarau according to your ideas and needs carefully and purposefully, always with your sustainable benefit in mind.

Answers to the child law in Aarau

Child law is also a sub-aspect of family law. This area of law deals with the legal relationship between parents and children. This legal relationship begins at birth and ends not with the coming of age of the adolescent, but with the death of one of the parties.

Relationships between children and parents develop intensively, emotionally and always individually. This individuality must also be taken into account in the law relating to children. Children are very dependent on their parents, especially when they are very young, and this dependence is replaced by increasing independence as they grow up.

Issues of the law of the child

In matters of children's law, the age of the young person must also be taken into account accordingly. The legal issues of the law of the child include among others

Legal support in divorce law for Aarau

More than 40% of all marriages in Switzerland are divorced again. But very few divorces have to go to court. Nevertheless, legal support can be useful to adequately separate what has grown together over many years.

This concerns not only emotional aspects, but above all economic issues. What is mine? What is yours? A separation that often hardly plays a role during marriage. In the case of a divorce, it is important to define this clearly again.

At the same time, the divorce not infrequently leads to an emotional crisis. Nerves are on edge and it hardly seems possible to answer all these questions. Legal support can be just as important as medical care during this phase of life.

Joint legal representation in the context of divorce

In the course of a joint legal representation, the "together" replaces the "against". Our lawyers for family and divorce law in Aargau then work for both parties to the divorce with the aim of finding arrangements that are positive for all sides.

Of course, the children and the best interests of the child are also taken into account. For the child, too, the divorce is associated with a major change and often with uncertainties in his or her own life. With the help of joint legal representation, we can achieve results for all concerned that often go far beyond the minimum legal standards.

If the option of joint legal representation is not an option, our lawyers for Aarau also represent the individual spouse. Here, too, the out-of-court options are exhausted first. However, disputed cases can also be answered in court proceedings if this appears necessary.

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