Administrative law

Maximes and principles

General administrative law regulates the foundations and principles of legal relations between the state and its citizens. It also defines the functioning of the various actors (municipality, cantons, federal government) and their relationship with each other.

On the one hand, it consists of superior general principles such as the principle of legality and the principle of proportionality. On the other hand, administrative law comprises various special laws from a wide range of subject areas (so-called special administrative law). The maximes and principles of general administrative law form the bracket for the application of special administrative law.

Administrative law, as public law, is of a fundamentally mandatory nature and must be applied ex officio by the administrative authorities.

We advise and represent you

We provide comprehensive advice and representation in administrative law matters. In doing so, we work for public authorities at various levels as well as for individuals. We are therefore familiar with the interests of both the state and private individuals.

This enables us to develop constructive and sustainable solutions with the parties. We are also involved in the development of the law in various ways (as lecturers, as speakers, as legal representatives in proceedings with the character of leading decisions).


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