Divorce law

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Over 40 % of all marriages are divorced. What has grown together emotionally and economically over the years must be separated. A separation and a later divorce represent life crises for most people. Crises that they cannot cope with alone.

In addition to medical care, legal support is often needed. Various child issues need to be settled, maintenance to several beneficiaries needs to be agreed upon, joint debts need to be disentangled, earned assets need to be divided, and the division of occupational pension needs to be determined.

Many married couples prefer joint legal representation. We prefer to take on this task because in this way solutions can be achieved that go beyond the minimum legal standard. Furthermore, we are experienced in representing one spouse, first exploring out-of-court options in order to achieve sustainable solutions with negotiation skills. Finally, we are not afraid to take on contentious court mandates and take them all the way to the highest court.


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